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From: "marta sandberg" <>
Subject: Fear of a strange future
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 14:06:25 +0800

Kennita Watson wrote:

I just spent an exhilarating weekend at the Frozen Dead Guy Days, talking to 
hundreds of people about cryonics.  One or two of them mentioned being 
daunted by the prospect of overwhelming change, but by far the objections to 
cryonics that I heard the most often involved views of the afterlife, to the 
effect of either "I'm going to paradise" or "I'm going to be reincarnated".

- - - -

I have had similar reactions when I talk to people, but I have also learnt 
that the first (or second or third) reason they give for not choosing 
cryonics is probably not the true reason.

If you keep on talking to them and knock down the straw men they put up ( . 
. . my cryonics arrangements are paid for by life insurance and the 
insurance cost less than $300 per year . . . heaven can wait, I don't intend 
to live forever   only until I choose to die . . . if you don't like the 
future you can always commit suicide, if you don't try you would be dead 
anyway . . . nobody knows for sure it will work   but you don't know that 
with any medical procedure . . . ); then you are likely to come to a few 
basic answers.

One of those answers is fear of a strange future and lots of people have 
said that I am brave because I have chosen cryonics.

Of course, the future is perceived as even more frightening if all your 
friends and relatives will be dead when/if you wake up.

Let me add one more thing.  Somehow or other, people perceiver the future as 
even more frightening because you are not SURE you will actually wake up.

Go figure.




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