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Subject: My Life Extension/Cryonics Surveys
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 08:53:27 US/Eastern

            It has now been over 30 hours since I placed
my "Follow-up Survey for Cryonicists" on my website
and  59 cryonicists have responded. I will allow the results 
to accumulate longer before responding to the comments 
or commenting on the results, with the exception of respondents 
54 and 56. 54  made the comment:

"How about the question I submitted last time concerning 
relocation of cryonics facilities to safer places?????"

This respondent answered none of the other questions, 
so I have deleted the entry as a "spoiled ballot", dropping 
the number of responses to 58. Concerning the comment, all
of the questions I chose were intended to be multiple 
choice short-answer, and I did not see a simple way to 
ask this question nor did it seem cogent to me. If there
is enough impetus for another follow-up survey, I may
include such a question. I would also like to include
questions about reactions of family and friends. Others
can still suggest more questions, by e-mail to me
[benbest(at)interlog.com] preferably or in a forum --
preferably not by a "spoiled ballot" comment, but 
this is the most anonymous means. 

56 was also a spoiled ballot: A female respondent from 
the Caribbean who is a CI Member. No CI Member fits this 
profile, so it also seems like a means to make a comment,
and I deleted the entry, dropping the respondents to 57.
The comment was:

"Thank you for taking the time to design (and re-design) the 
survey. However, I still found two questions difficult to 
answer Q: Do you believe that cryonics can currently be 
practiced without freezing damage to the brain? My answer: 
No, there will be damage, but it is potentially repairable. 
Q: To what extent does your desire to see the future motivate 
your interest in cryonics? My answer: None of the above"

If I deleted in error, the respondent can repeat. The 
comment was a reasonable one and I have mixed feelings
about the deletion. I cannot guarantee the quality of 
the  survey, of course. It is easy to sabotage and
I don't want to go to such extremes to try to protect
against "spoiled ballots". 

I again request that those who have not taken the 
survey do so. The survey does not take more than five minutes 
to complete unless you get deeply involved in pondering the 
questions or making comments (time well-spend in
either case, I believe). 

   So, again, the "Follow-up Survey for Cryonicists"
can be found at:


and  the results of that survey can be found at:


  The "Life Extension Values Clarification Survey" 
which I was "beta-testing" for the previous two 
weeks has been stabilized at around 95 respondents for 
the last several days. I notice that 7 of the 58
respondents to the "Follow-up Survey for Cryonicists"
say that they did not take the "Life Extension Values 
Clarification Survey". I would like to encourage them
(and others who have not taken either survey) to 
take both surveys. It would be nice to get an 
even 100 respondents to the first survey. 

  So, again, the "Life Extension Values Clarification 
Survey" can be found at:


and  the results of that survey can be found at:



 -- Ben Best

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