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Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 01:22:28 +0800 (CST)
From: kurt2100kimo <>
Subject: Non-fear of a strange future

I am familiar with the "fear of a strange future"
argument. Of course, I don't identify with it because
I have already been through "suspension" of a sort to
emerge into a "strange" future.

You see, I came out grad school in Arizona and could
not find a job because of the sucky economy at the
time. By happenstance, I ended up working for an
English company, in Japan. Having lived my "sun-belt"
party lifestyle in the 80's, I packed up and moved to
Japan in 1991, not knowing anything about Japan and
Japanese culture.

I lived there and other parts of Asia for 10 years. I
created a whole new life for myself, complete with new
friends, new activities, new everything else; and was
quite happy.

I came back to the U.S. in 2001, just in time for 9/11
and sucky economy that occurred at the same time. I
come back to a topsy-turvy country where everything
has changed since the late 80's. Once again, I create
happiness for myself.

I think what I have done (multiple times) is the
closest thing one can do right now to experience
"going to that strange future" where "you can never go
home again". Of course, if you get frozen today and
come back, say, in 2112, you certainly cannot go home
again. Unless the anti-aging breakthroughs came
shortly after you got frozen, chances are that your
previous friends and family will be gone. You create
new happiness for yourself.

The benefit of this scenario is that you no longer
have to think about growing old and you have an
unlimited personal future to look forward to infront
of you. Kind of like when I moved to SoCal in '95 or
Japan in '91. Only a thousand times better, if you're
into this sort of thing (like I am). 

But, of course, you're into this sort of thing. Thats
why you signed up for cryonic suspension.

Perhaps, the expatriat market is the one to pursue for
cryonic suspension services.

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