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From: "Rupert Ward" <>
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Subject: Is this for real!
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 14:38:06 +0800

The first Russian Cryonic Company Sibirskiy Mamont (translated 
as Siberian Mammoth Inc.) operates cryonic heads-only freezing
facilities in Voronezh (near Moscow) and it has proved to be very 
popular amongst local Russian nourishes and gangsters. Sibirskiy
Mamont is also constructing a permafrost freezing complex in Siberia, 
that will be able to provide full-body freezing in permafrost
and hopes to attract Western cryonics clients.

"Our scientists tell us that there are always possibilities of some 
neuron activities taking place even in a deeply frozen human
brain," explains the Deputy Chairman of Sibirskiy Mamont, 
Aleksey Duhopelnikov. "Therefore we have decided to provide 
constant audio entertainment including music and Russian and English 
audiobooks, to our clients."


I hope this isn't their advertising photo ...maybe humour will get cryonics 

Full article here :) http://newsroom.eworldwire.com/view_release.php?id=14003


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