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Subject: Re: Additional Survey Questions for Cryonicists
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 04:19:42 US/Eastern

Ben Best wrote:

>  Please take this new survey:
> http://www.benbest.com/sandbox/Survey_8.php
>   Only after having taken the survey, examine the results:
> http://www.benbest.com/sandbox/Display_Survey_8.php

  I don't usually like cross-posting, but I have submitted my
surveys to the CSC list, the Cryonics_Institute list and 
CryoNet, so I should comment on my survey in all these groups. 

  I will try to present my analysis of the results, soon, but
in this message I will just comment on some of the comments made 
in the questions for cryonicists. 

  Many of the comments still complain about my questions in 
relation to immortality. But I am simply attempting to be 
a scientific anthropologist or psychologist. I have observed
that a great many cryonicists use the word "immortal" and
I am attempting in my questions to determine what is 
meant or understood by that term. It is remarkable the 
amount of disagreement and confusion that I am finding. 
I dislike the term myself, for many of the same reasons as
those who protest. But why should I be blamed for trying 
to probe? 

   Respondent 57 says that "death is simply wrong" as an
alternative to the survival motive and desire to see the 
future. I think that this is begging the question -- *why*
is it wrong, if anything other than preventing survival. 

  I could have asked many questions other than the ones 
that I asked, and there are many complaints about this. 
If others want more demography, politics, etc, they can
create their own surveys. I have mainly asked questions 
that are of interest to me -- it is my survey, after all 
-- and I think that we are all getting a little tired of
this survey business. So I won't be creating another 
survey for a while (at least a few years).  I may use some
of the suggested questions if and when I create another survey. 

  I will comment more about the surveys when I am ready
to present my analysis of the results -- in a few days,
I expect. 

-- Ben Best  

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