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Subject: Respected British Newspaper makes the case for cryonics freedom
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 12:06:33 -0000

The Times is often regarded as one of Britain's most respected newspapers.
There was once a saying that if someone introduced some journalists, most
were referred to as "a reporter from <name of newspaper>" but anyone from
"The Times" was introduced as "A gentleman from The Times". "The Times" was
also regarded as a source of commentary that people took notice of, and had
been called "The Thunderer". More history and information about this
newspaper can be found on

They published a commentary on the Martinot affair on March 24, 2006 which
included the following:

What business is it of the State to dictate how to dispose of, or preserve,
the body of a loved one? None. Of course, matters must proceed with a
general eye to health and safety, but beyond that it is hard to think of
anything more personal than the disposal of one's mortal remains. There is
comfort, for the dying and the bereaved, in knowing that one's last resting
place is going to be of one's own choosing. More than that, the way we wish
to have our body dealt with after death may be a matter of cultural or
religious significance.

A State that interferes in this delicate and private area exposes its
cultural and religious bias - a dangerous thing in the modern, multicultural
world. A State that denies the right to try cryogenic preservation stifles
scientific investigation. A State that insists on only limited options for
the dead inhibits creativity and invention. A State that dictates how best
the dead may lie assumes a worryingly paternal position towards its

 excerpted from


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