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Subject: Fwd: Dietary Supplements Attacked In Media---Life Extension Responds!
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I would appreciate if you could forward this to your email list.

The recent media attacks against dietary supplements are going to cause a
lot of needless deaths unless the facts get out.

Dear Health Enthusiast,

The media has launched an unprecedented attack against the use of natural
approaches that promote greater health and longevity.

The June 2006 issue of *Life Extension* magazine will be dedicated to
refuting the preposterous allegations that have been turned into headline
news stories. You can preview some of the rebuttals we are preparing at our

or by downloading the entire article in PDF

Since our inception in 1980, the *Life Extension Foundation* has exposed and
disproved the establishment's vicious propaganda campaign to discredit
healthy lifestyle choices.

As a* Life Extension Foundation* member, you discover the science behind the
headlines in order to avoid being victimized by the medical establishment's
ominous misinformation machine. Rest assured that we remain vigilant against
those who seek to discourage Americans from taking scientific approaches to
protect their precious health.

For longer life,

Saul Kent
Co-Founder and Member, Board of Directors

P.S. We continue to fight for your health freedom rights, but we need your
membership support to make it happen. If you are not a member, please help
our cause and join the Life Extension Foundation today. Find out


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