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Subject: Re: CryoNet #27753: Re: A letter to the Cryonics Institute from a 
Lieutentant in Iraq [IGGY & Svetlana]
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 14:36:26 -0000

The "Lieutenant K" who wrote this clearly has virtually zero understanding
as to what cryopreservation is. It would seem to me that he is a writer of
fiction who wanted to express an idea and incorrectly used cryonics as a
vehicle for this idea. Indeed "Lieutenant K" may be a cyber creation of
someone else entirely, ie he is a character in someone's mind who is being
used to present this fictional idea.

Whoever wrote this appears heavily influenced by Alfred Bester's "The Stars
My Destination", but in his novel Bester used ESP and physics rather than
biology to achieve the rationale behind the effect he wanted to create. The
novel was also known as "Tiger Tiger" and can be found on


from which this is a quote:
But Gully has managed to survive for 170 days in the airless purgatory of
deep space after the wreck of his ship, and has escaped to Earth carrying a
murderous grudge and a secret that could change the course of history.
The novel which in large part inspired both the cyberpunk movement of the
1980s and the science fiction New Wave of the 1960s, THE STARS MY
DESTINATION has an unrivalled claim to be the most influential sf book of
all time.

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