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Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 18:59:29 EST
Subject: Cryonics High School Paper

    My name is Matt Herzfeld and I am a high school  student at Shaker Hts. 

High School (right outside of Cleveland, OH). I am doing  a research project on
cryonics and am interested in interviewing someone who is  an authority on 
the topic. I am reading Ettinger's book and I have several other  books and 
articles on the topic of cryonics (coming at it from all angles, both  

pro-cryonics and skeptical). If at all possible, I would love to do a  

interview with someone, so I am writing to the list in the hopes  that there 
be someone knowledgeable in the Cleveland area. I would  particularly be 

interested in interviewing someone with a scientific or medical  background (so

they would be appropriate to comment about the merits of  cryonics). If anyone 
the list could point me in the right direction, I would  appreciate it a lot. 
Failing to find someone in Cleveland, a phone or e-mail  interview would also 
suffice. Thank you a lot in advance for any help you can  give me.
Herzfeld (_ (mailto:) )

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