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From: "marta sandberg" <>
Subject: Ben Best's survey
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 13:30:40 +0800

Randolfe Wicker wrote:

For instance, the fact that most cryonicists are either atheist or agnostic 
shows that targeted recruitment in those communities would be a wise way to 

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Marta's reply:

It might also show the initial bias of cryonics.

Like attracts like.  If the earliest cryoncisits were agnostics, then they 
would (unconsciously) pitch their message to other of their kind.  Those new 
recruits would then spread it to more with the same belief systems . . and 
so on.

I have always assumed that is why cryonics originally was dominated by young 
computer oriented, white American men.  There is no particular reason why 
women, or poets, or New Zealanders, or anybody else should not become 
cryoncisits   but we haven't pitched the message to them yet.

We are breaking out of our  ghetto'.  I am not a man.  Randolfe isn't young. 
You aren't  . . . . [please fill in the blank]


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