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Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 09:25:09 EST
Subject: targeted recruitment

Randolfe  Wicker wrote in part:

For instance, the fact that most cryonicists are  either atheist or agnostic 
shows that targeted recruitment in those  communities would be a wise way to 

No, it doesn't show that. For one thing, there is also over-representation  
in cryonics by men and by Libertarians and by computer people--and for that  
matter by doctors and cryobiologists, believe it or not. Pitching to  

Libertarians and computer people in their magazines has been tried, to zero  
effect. Second, it is obvious anyway that the percentage of joiners is  tiny 
even in those segments that are over-represented. 
Third, the issues are really pretty much the same for everybody. A shotgun  
approach is surely best. We cover all the bases, and individuals can focus on  
what concerns them. No paid recruitment campaign has ever worked anyway, as 

far  as I know--only web sites have clearly paid off, along with free publicity.
So  there is really no effective way to target, even if you wanted to.

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