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From: "Billy H. Seidel" <>
Subject: You bet
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2006 07:07:20 -0800

  >>>>>>>         Rudi Hoffman writes:

Would anyone agree that it may be a good idea to keep this in mind in our  
communication of forward thinking memes like cryonics?  

And resolve  with me to not unnecessarily antagonize the superstitious 

masses?  Oops...I  can start by not calling them that...I mean those who may 
other gods or  cultural artifacts in their worldview?
(This posting is especially relevant to me.  In a few hours I am  heading to 
South Georgia to go to a wedding of Dawn's nephew.  Right in the  middle of 
the most conservative Babtist bible belt.  These are good  Christian 

people...but their religion is as bloody and insane as can be.   Ahh...wwdd 
(What would 
Dale (Carnegie) do?).
Warm Regards, For Centuries,

You Bet Rudi.   I am with you on this one.

In this country we have (or had) lots of freedoms.  I keep telling people that 
we should not choose our friends by their belief systems.  It seems to me that 
most of us are a product of our past and very few, if any of us can step out of 
that.  Which brings up the question, Are we really capable of independent 
thinking?  So with this in mind, I believe about all we can do is to encourage 
the people we meet, and ourselves, to keep asking questions, ask for proof and 
do it with respect. Respect for their belief system and the idea that they are, 
for the most part, expressing their past without question.

Well good grief,  I sure am glad I solved that problem.  If every one believed 
like I do the world would be a better place.    Now isn't that dumb.   LOL

As for Dale Carnegie, . . . . . . I spent 11 weeks in his sales training class 
and another 11 weeks as an assistant to the instructor.  There is not enough 
room here to speculate on what Dale might do. I do have my own ideas.   Humm, . 
. . . . .  are they really my own ideas????

Billy H. Seidel

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