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Subject:  Squeezing even more information from my surveys
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2006 00:58:12 US/Eastern

  I earlier described my creation of a meta-survey
that can be used to study the results of my 
survey of 100 cryonicists:


Now I have created a meta-survey of my earlier
"beta test" life extension survey of 113 cryonicists:


The instructions for using this meta-survey are the
same as for the cryonicist survey meta-survey:

By selecting specific questions on this form you can
see the entire profile of the respondents who answered
those questions in the way you specify.

To see the response profile of a subset of respondents,
do the following:

(1) Choose a subset of questions to profile, then click
'Obtain SubSurvey for Profiling'

(2) Choose the response to your chosen questions that
you want to profile, then click 'Display Profile'

(3) View the SubSurvey and compare the SubSurvey results
to the results in the general survey of 113 cryonicists:


  As an example of information that can be extracted
using the meta-survey, I provide the following 

  Ten of the 12 female respondents are signed-up
cryonicists: 7 with Alcor and 3 with CI. By contrast,
59 of the 101 male respondents are signed-up
cryonicists: 24 with Alcor and 35 with CI. None of
the 113 respondents are signed-up with either ACS
or Trans Time. 

  About 60% of the respondents lived in the United
States and these accounted for 9 of the 10 Christian
respondents (6 of the 7 who definitely believe in God).
72% of those living in the United States have made
arrangements with Alcor or CI as opposed to 44% of
those not living in the United States. 

  There were 29 agnostics and 60 atheists, nearly 
79% of the respondents. Although about as many 
females as males were atheist or agnostic the
females were more evenly split between atheist or 
agnostic (one more agnostic than atheist) whereas
the male atheists outnumbered male agnostics by
more than 2 to 1. Nearly half of the atheists 
thought science would allow people to live 200
years in good health in less than 40 years, whereas
less than a quarter of the agnostics had this 
opinion. (Are agnostics greater skeptics than 
atheists?) About a third of the agnostics gave 
cryonics a 10% or less chance of working and
about a tenth gave cryonics a 90% or greater
chance of working. By contrast, about a sixth of 
the atheists gave cryonics a 10% or less chance
of working and about a third gave cryonics a 
90% or greater chance of working. Proportionately
as many atheists as agnostics are signed up
with Alcor or CI, and both are evenly split
between the two organizations among respondents. 

    There is more information that can be "mined" from
my surveys, I am sure, and I would be interested
to hear any observations that others discover by 
using my meta-surveys. (As yet I have heard nothing.)

  -- Ben Best 

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