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Subject: Re: Life Extension Values Clarification Survey -- PLEASE DISTRIBUTE!!
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 17:00:06 US/Eastern

  Ben Best wrote:

>   The "production version" of my Life Extension Values Clarification
> Survey is now on my website:
> http://www.benbest.com/lifeext/LE_Survey.php
>  I  believe that this survey is a good tool for promoting life extension
> and cryonics by causing people to re-think their assumptions or raise
> their consciousness about issues they had not considered. 
>  I  request/suggest that cryonicists and life extensionists post the 
> survey URL to the relevant (health, life-extension, etc.) newsgroups,
> discussion lists, chats, websites, etc., and/or send in e-mail messages
> to acquaintances as a means of raising awareness about life extension
> and cryonics. If you have not taken one of the earlier surveys you
> might want to try it, but otherwise there is not much point in doing 
> so again. 
>   This new survey has already been posted to my website for a few 
> weeks and as of this writing has just reached 100 respondents:
> http://www.benbest.com/lifeext/Display_LE_Survey.php

   It took 2 weeks on my website for my survey to get 100 respondents
and now after another 2 days it has over 150. Thanks to those who
responded to my request for distribution. And I hope that others will
help in distribution by posting to websites, discussion groups and 
personal e-mail. 

   The newer respondents more closely fit the profile of my 
Cryonicists surveys than the first 100. The respondents are older, 
more male,  less religious and less anti-cryonics. There were 
10 teenagers and few in the 40-49 age group in the first 
100 respondents, but now there is only one additional teenager. 
The 20-29 age group still predominates, but just barely. The number 
of signed-up cryonicist respondents has increased from 4 to 12. I am 
still mystified by how 7 people can say cryonics is "always useless" 
in question (20) and 28 say cryonics has "no chance" in question (21). 
I think that there could be serious interpretation problems with 
question (22). A person who is expecting to die and go to heaven 
would have no fear of "re-awakening in an alien future world without 
friends or family". Nor would a person who is happy to be obliterated 
at age 75. Nor would a person who expects to achieve 
everlasting life through vitamin pills without any stasis period. 

   I have gotten a few private e-mails asking for more demographic
questions. But the most important purpose of the "survey" is the
influence it might have on the thinking of the survey-takers. This 
makes me favor questions that probe attitudes and understanding 
rather than demographic facts (which are boring questions to
answer). And people simply will not complete a survey that has 
too many questions. 

   I have made a few changes mid-stream. I added the phrase "quality 
of life" to "(8) How do you think life in 100 years will compare to 
life today?" as suggested by respondent 57. I replaced the word 
"endanger" with "harm" in "(10) Does life extension harm society by 
slowing the elimination of outdated ideas?"  I added the choice
"considering" to question (23) around the same time that I added
the phrase "quality of life". Although these changes undermine the
quality of the results, they improve the impact on the thinking of
the respondents, I believe, which is the main objective. And when
there are 1,000 respondents these changes won't matter so much. 

   I intend to keep this survey on my website indefinitely, so 
please keep that in mind if you are considering placing a link to
it on your website. I enjoy reading the comments, but they will
become unwieldy soon. So I may make it only the most recent
100-200 comments. 

         -- Ben Best

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