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Subject: New efforts concerning British Columbia's anti-cryonics law
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 13:53:06 US/Eastern

  Charles Grodzicki, a cryonicist in Vancouver, British Columbia 
area has recently become increasingly worried about BC's anti-cryonics 
law in connection with his attempts to make cryonics arrangements.
He has been rebuffed by BC funeral directors when he asked them if 
they would assist in a cryonics case. Despite all of the supposed 
disclaimers and "comfort letters" the funeral directors still believe
cryonics is illegal in BC and are terrorized by the law.

  Charles has made contact with the government official charged 
with enforcing British Columbia funeral and cemetery law and has
gotten support from a Vancouver journalist. Although the journalist
is not interested in cryonics for herself, she has been touched 
by the human rights aspect of the issue and plans to write an 
article about his plight. 

  British Columbia's anti-cryonics law was enacted in 1990 as
Section 57 of Bill 42 (Cemetery and Funeral Services Act). Under 
the heading "Arrangements Forbidden" is Part 5, Section 57: "No 
person shall offer for sale or sell any arrangement for the 
preservation or storage of human remains based on cryonics, 
irradiation or any other means of preservation or storage, by 
whatever name called, that is offered or sold on the expectation 
of the resuscitation of human remains at a future time."

but was re-written in 2004 as Section 14 of Bill 3, and can
be viewed on-line at:


(I challenge anyone to show an example of someone claiming
"irradiation" as a means of storage for the "expectation of 
future resuscitation". This was undoubtedly the concept of a 
hostile bureaucrat who wanted to discredit cryonics by 
associating it with something that is patently ludicrous.) 

  Since the year 2000 there have been two "comfort letters" written
by British Columbia bureaucrats concerning cryonics: 

Solicitor General Coleman to Olaf Henry 
("Henny" [sic]), September 2002

  Solicitor General Coleman states that funeral providers are 
prohibited from offering cryonics arrangements on the expectation 
of future revival, but that cryonics businesses are not prohibited 
from operating and consumers are not prohibited from accessing 
cryonics services. Although a BC funeral director cannot sell 
cryonics arrangements, a BC funeral director is not prohibited 
from preparation and transport for cryonics purposes (to an 
organization outside of BC, presumably). This letter was copied 
to Tayt Winnitoy, the Registrar of Cemetery and Funeral Services.

Registrar Tayt Winnitoy to Andy Zawacki, July 2005

Registrar Winnitoy confirmed to Cryonics Institute Facilities 
Manager Andy Zawacki that a BC funeral director is not prohibited 
from performing preparation and transport services related to a 
cryonics arrangement.

  If a similar letter has been written to Alcor, I would like to 
know about it. In any case, these letters have not influenced the
attitudes of funeral directors that Charles Grodzicki has attempted
to persuade to help him. I suggest initiating a new letter-writing
campaign. We have had writing-campaigns in the past to British
Columbia with little effect, so some of us may have become
(unduly?) cynical about such efforts. But we should not let this
issue drop, especially when there are British Columbia cryonicists
who are working for change. 

  Also, we have recently learned about a disconnect between the
government and the BC funeral director's association. According 
to one source the funeral director's association has had no
knowledge of the "comfort letters". The topic of the anti-cryonics
law has not once been mentioned at a bi-monthly meeting with the
government during the 15-year career of the Executive Director
of the association. A campaign by cryonicists may be a way to
put cryonics on the agenda of one of those meetings in a way
that could have a favorable outcome for BC cryonicists. 

  Approaching the Funeral Services Association of BC is an idea
which we have not tried before. If the government is genuine in
its claim that it will not prohibit BC citizens from making 
cryonics arrangements with cryonics organizations outside of BC
including funeral director assistance, then that message could
be disseminated to the BC funeral directors through their
provincial association. In the past, cryonicists have only been
lobbying the government bureaucrats, but some lobbying of the
Funeral Services Association of BC also seems very appropriate.  

   I request that all cryonicists concerned with the legal
situation in British Columbia phone or send a letter, FAX or e-mail 
message to Tayt Winnitoy, who is in charge of implementing 
BC funeral law and/or to Janet Ricciutti, who is the Executive
Director of the BC Funeral Service Association. You can be creative 
if you can express your concerns in a constructive manner, but 
try to avoid too much self-righteous attacking, which can easily
be self-defeating. Persuasion should be the emphasis. I have 
written sample text below which you can use if your imagination
fails you. 

   There may be little lasting effect if there is a bombardment
of messages on a single day or two followed by no follow-up. 
Relentless pressure has more influence than a flash in the pan. 
There is something to be said for sending messages on a 
regular or irregular basis. Also, excessive reliance on e-mail 
can be ineffective if the messages get trapped by SPAM filters. 
There is something to be said for phone calls, FAXes and letters. 
I think there is a chance that an informative message might be
sent to BC funeral directors in response to lobbying, so if that
happens it would be inappropriate to continue requesting it and 
the focus should shift to pressure for legal reform. I will try
to be aware if BC funeral directors are informed about their 
ability to assist in cryonics cases and I will let cryonicists
know if this happens so that the emphasis can shift. 

( Those wanting more background on BC's anti-cryonics law
  can consult http://www.cryocdn.org/law57.html )

Tayt Winnitoy, Director of Operations
Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority
P. O. Box 9244
Victoria, British Columbia
Canada V8W 9J2

Telephone: (604) 320-1667
Fax: (250) 920-7181
Toll Free: (888) 564-9963
Janet Ricciutti
Funeral Service Association of British Columbia.
Suite 211
2187 Oak Bay Ave.
Victoria, BC.
Canada V8R 1G1

Telephone: (250) 592-3213
Toll Free: (800) 665-3899
Fax: (250) 592-4362


 Dear XXX,

   I am concerned about Section 14 of Bill 3 (2004) which I 
regard to be an infringement on the rights of free people to 
arrange for the disposition of the remains of their loved-ones
as they see fit, whether that be burial, cremation OR
CRYOPRESERVATION. I believe that Section 14 has no place in
the legislation of a purportedly free society and that efforts
should be made to repeal this legislation. 

   Nonetheless, there have been many assurances, both formally
and informally, on the part of various British Columbia 
officials that BC law does not prohibit a BC citizen from 
making arrangements with a cryonics organization outside of BC
and that a funeral director in BC is not prohibited from 
preparation and transport for cryonics purposes. Recent documents
of this kind have included a letter from the Solicitor General
(http://www.cryocdn.org/BC_Sep02.html) and a letter from the 
Registrar of Cemetery and Funeral Services 
(http://www.cryocdn.org/BC_Jul05.html). These assurances have 
not reached the BC funeral directors themselves, who generally 
believe that cryonics is simply illegal in BC and that any 
association with cryonics-related activity is illegal. 

    I request that you use your knowledge of the facts and the 
authority of your position to inform the funeral directors of
British Columbia that they are not in violation of the law if
they assist in preparation or shipment of the human remains of
someone who has arrangements to be cryopreserved by a cryonics
organization outside of British Columbia. 



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