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From: Tim Freeman <>
Date: Wed,  3 May 2006 06:39:43 -0700
Subject: Re: [CN] Choosing the time
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>So if I take the first strategy, I might spend three hours per day working
>on a healthy lifestyle.  This would include exercise, spending time cooking
>and preparing healthy foods, researching and shopping for supplements, etc.

Exercise is just 3 times a week for me, and one of them is just a
20-minute run.  I'm making obvious forward progress.

You have to eat anyway.  If you prepare large batches and freeze
single serving containers, you can have excellent food and spend less
time on it than any other strategy I know.  (I delegate the cooking to
my wife, mostly, and it's even better.  If I could get the kids to eat
frozen food, it would even be better.)

I don't have a good angle on the supplements.

>This might add 5 years to my life. 

During which time your cryonics organization will improve their

>I'm far too busy putting my emergency response equipment together.

I maintain Alcor's kit in Northern California.  It takes a few hours
per month. 

>But in the second strategy, I take that three hours per day, and use it to
>make more money and build up my immediate response services for the moment
>of my death.  This might involve the time and expense of moving closer to a
>cryonics facility, saving up large amounts of money and purchasing services
>in advance from SA and CI and Alcor and anyone else I can think of.  It
>involves the purchase and building of equipment, networking with other
>people, marketing, studying, experimenting, etc.

If you're fit and on a decent diet, you'll be able to work better, and
your chances of sudden cardiac death are much lower.  If you aren't
obese, then your transport team will need fewer people to move you and
there won't be delays to find a container you'll fit into.  Buying
services from multiple suspension providers is counter-productive; you
don't want multiple teams working at cross-purposes.  It doesn't cost
more to live near a cryonics facility than to live in other places.

You're creating a false dichotomy here.

On second thought, I think I've been trolled; your point of view seems
deliberately stupid.  Oh well, I'll post this anyway.

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