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From: "Jordan Sparks" <>
Subject: RE: Choosing the time
Date: Thu, 4 May 2006 07:05:57 -0700

No you haven't been trolled; I just get real tired of all the supplement
talk.  And it's not that I'm a novice either.  I've done it all, including 4
years of strict CR, maintaining myself at 125 lbs instead of my usual 150
lbs.  Now I realize that everyone's situation is different, and for many
people, my comments are a false dichotomy.  But for my situation, it is a
quite rational conclusion.  I live with a wife who prefers meat and
potatoes.  Her idea of eating healthy is to make sure you get a green
vegetable on the plate, even if it's dripping in bacon fat.  So it would
sort of tick her off if I didn't eat any of her food at all.  But married
men live longer...

Maybe when I'm older, exercise will improve my efficiency, but currently, it
does not.  And it probably won't help me live longer.  I just see a lot of
people who pursue exercise as a key to health and longevity.  They spend an
awful lot of time at it, and they might actually be shortenning their life
span.  For example, riding a bike or paddling a canoe might seem like good
exercise, and therefore, very healthy and life promoting.  But they also
increase your risk of getting hit by a car or drowning.  Getting hit by a
car might terminate your brain quite effectively.  So, thinking like an
immortal, riding a bike is a VERY bad idea unless it is on a slow path where
there are no vehicles.  Your point about obesity, however, is very
important.  Those of you who are overweight need to think very hard about
the consequences of that extra weight during your transport and

My example of buying services from multiple providers was an exaggeration.
My main point was that we have very few years to live.  None of us is going
to beat old age no matter how hard we try.  Are you really sure you are
spending your very limited time effectively?  Are you sure a "kit" is going
to be enough?  With the extremely high stakes, wouldn't you put more effort
and money into it than a few hours a month?  For example, wouldn't it make
sense to have a state of the art facility in Northern California?  Look at
the example of the SA facility.  There's just so much more that can be done.

I may sound extreme, and I know some people easily burn out.  But the stakes
are very high.  If I increase my chance of survival by 1%, and my life
expectancy is a few trillion years, then I've just added tens of billions of
years to my probable life span.  Just remember that none of us have backups
of our minds yet, and modern medicine does not yet include 24 hour
monitoring of all vital functions, let alone the ability to actually repair
much of anything.  We do not have a safety net.  We are not used to thinking
like immortals.  I'm just trying to get people to think outside the box a

Jordan Sparks

Original post-------------------
Exercise is just 3 times a week for me...

You have to eat anyway...

I maintain Alcor's kit in Northern California.  It takes a few hours
per month. 

If you're fit and on a decent diet, you'll be able to work better...

If you aren't obese, then your transport team will need fewer people...

Buying services from multiple suspension providers is counter-productive...

You're creating a false dichotomy here.

On second thought, I think I've been trolled; your point of view seems
deliberately stupid.  Oh well, I'll post this anyway.

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