X-Message-Number: 27916
From: "Michael P. Read" <>
Subject: RE: Pull the Plug on the Singularity, Rudi
Date: Sat, 6 May 2006 08:38:13 -0700

>Personally, I believe the Singularity to be a coming threat to the
>existence of humanity.

	I take it that your idea of the Singularity is when computers become
self-aware?  Why exactly do you believe that is a threat?

>  I see no logical reason why a sentient
>supercomputer would have any interest in perpetuating our continued 

	It doesn't have to perpetuate our existence.  It simply has to leave
us alone.

>without the option of returning, rather than having some superentity 
>the decision for me.  Or worse yet, make the decision that my continued 
>individual existence in any form at all, is not needed.

	What makes you think it would care one way or the other?

>Let's all plan ahead to pull the plug.

	The day a computer becomes self-aware, is the day it has the same
rights as the rest of us.

Mike Read

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