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Subject: Terminal move
Date: Mon, 08 May 2006 12:44:03 +0800

There are a number of problems in relocating to USA as you are close to 

They include
1. Airlines don't like taking terminally ill patients
2. Terminally ill patients don't like to be transported
3. The USA don't like accepting terminally ill foreigners
4. Friends and relatives don't like having their dying relatives whisked 
away to a foreign country
5. Do you have any idea of what a moth worth of health care costs for a 
terminally ill foreigner in USA?

These are just the first five reasons I could think of.

It isn't an option unless there is a compelling reason AND you have a good 
friend who is willing to give up their life for the duration (they have to 
arrange everything before the trip and then stay with you until you are 

I know.  I have done it.


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>Date: Thu, 4 May 2006 16:14:40 EDT
>Subject: Re: CryoNet #27893 - #27896
>I like the idea of moving close to the facility near the end, and  
>recommend it to people in Europe who will otherwise wait for days for  
>authorities to finish the paperwork, and to be flown to the US.  I  think 
>would behove us to find apartments for rent in advance, and have  standby
>equipment nearby, so people can rent them and have the gear brought in  on 
>a day's
>notice. Brain cell viability drops off fast.  Six hours in some  
>but two days in all. Much better to start a minute after the heart  stops!
>Alan Mole
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