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Subject: RE: Brain aging interventions [Posit Science White Paper]
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From the discussion: "We have conducted preliminary studies showing that an
intensive brain plasticity-based training program can significantly enhance
neurocognitive function in healthy older adults, and we are now planning
large, randomized, controlled trials to rigorously determine the types and
magnitude of gains that can be expected."
Exciting, if these plans are eventually realized.  To the degree that the
above is successful, one can go on to contemplate the impact of such
training combined with proper age-pertinent conditional micronutrients,
dietary adjuvants, and pharmacologic support.  
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Subject: Brain aging interventions [Posit Science White Paper]

All, Attached is the white paper I requested from Posit Science.   Enjoy.

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Dear Mr. Hare,


I trust that this message finds you well.


Previously you and I had communicated about a white paper that Posit Science
would make available to the public, and I wrote you that I would attempt to
secure you an advance copy of this document. You will find this document
attached to this email, but please note that the document is a draft, not a
final document, and it may yet sustain changes for style and grammar.


As previously mentioned, the document contains more than 200 sources from
which you may begin your personal research (on www.pubmed.gov
<http://www.pubmed.gov/> , for example) to as you stated see where the
science we employ at Posit Science fits in with other studies and available
scientific literature.


I hope you will enjoy reading the document. Should you have any questions
please feel free to contact me.


Best regards,

Mark Johnson


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