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Date: Fri, 19 May 2006 08:42:39 EDT
Subject: Hirsch post response from Platt and Wowk re: "Magical thinking"

Good morning, Cryoneters,
I debated responding to Henry Hirsch's post.  After some thought, I  decided 
not to, in the hopes that someone from Suspended Animation could provide  more 
details as to exactly WHAT the distinctions are regarding quality of  
protocols and procedures.
My thanks to Charles Platt and Brian Wowk, who have provided a reasoned,  
understated, scientific explanation.
It is precisely the kind of "magical thinking" represented by the Hirsch  
post that leads at least some scientists and thought leaders to dismiss  
It is one thing to make a reasoned, highly researched decision to spend as  
little as possible and hope and assume a funeral director can handle the  
substantial medical and logistical arrangements for your suspension.
But to go so far as to "recommend" this plan for others does nothing to  

promote the credibility of viability of cryonics as a legitimate field of  
and medicine.
Let's agree we need to "sweat the details" and that this will usually  
involve costs.
Kind Regards,

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