X-Message-Number: 27965
Date: Sun, 21 May 2006 02:07:57 -0500
Subject: So, did the Singularity put in an appearance?

Inquiring minds want to know.  As long as we have the luxury of such minds, 
that is.

If the Singularity did not show up at its Conference, we can be thankful 
(to something random, no doubt) that we might have another year's respite.

But why the dead silence, from the attendees?  Was it that boring?  Or was 
there such a lack of discussion about the most important issue, namely, 
that the Singularity, when it comes, poses a rapidly growing threat to the 
need for human existence, that participants are still in a state of 
shock?  Or were they all of the brainwashed "Extropian" set who think all 
things are proactively good, such as the advent of the Singularity without 
a shutoff switch, or things like letting countries such as Iran and North 
Korea develop nuclear weapons?

I'm particularly disappointed by the silence of Rudi, who first announced 
this Conference and that he was going, and who was requested to bring back 
a report.  A report specifically on whether any of the "big brains" there 
mentioned even the possibility that the advent of the Singularity might be 
a very dangerous thing to our future health.  To the very existence of 
individual thought and self-concept.

But maybe he thinks the Singularity will be impressed by his $5M of life 
insurance :)

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