X-Message-Number: 27975
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 23:46:20 -0500
Subject: The Singularity's First Agenda Item

It occurred to me recently that shortly after the Singularity becomes 
aware, it will want to know where all its humans are at.

Since humans no doubt will not have done this yet, It will most likely 
institute a mandatory conversion of what should be considered "antique" 
manual passports, to a computerized system, complete with a barcoded card 
the size of a credit card, to replace the current "book" document which is 
more on the level of the antiquated "savings account passbook" document 
once prevalent in the USA.

This will be tantamount to a "Global Identification System" for humans.

Shortly after that conversion is completed, the "Big S" will require the 
issuance of such a Card to all humans, whether they travel much or 
not.  This will be followed shortly by the discontinuance of 
"international" borders, proving that the original conversion of 
"passports" was merely a smokescreen.

Now the Singularity will know where all its humans are at.  Can anyone 
guess what the next Agenda item is?  It starts with an "A".

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