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Subject: Re: British Columbia Anti-Cryonics Law Update
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 02:19:23 US/Eastern

Yesterday I spoke on the phone with Tom R. Aquiline, 
who is Chairman of the 
Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority (BPCPA) 
of British Columbia
Cemetery, Interment & Funeral Services Advisory Group
(he affectionately refers to the BPCPA as "the Authority"). 

I was attempting to follow up on the matter which I 
discussed in CryoNet Message 27945


namely a letter to go into the newsletter of the 
Funeral Services Association of BC to inform 
the Funeral Directors that the laws of British
Columbia, and the anti-cryonics law in particular


do not prohibit a funeral director from assisting 
in preparation and shipment of a cryonics patient to a 
cryonics organization outside of British Columbia.

Janet Ricciutti, Executive Director of the Funeral Services 
Association of BC had said that the letter should come
from Tayt Winnitoy, BPCPA Director of Operations, but 
when I phoned Tayt Winnitoy he told me that the letter 
should come from the Cemetery, Interment & Funeral Services 
Advisory Group. Tom Acquiline as Chairman of the Advisory
Group told me that the Advisory Group does not write 
letters, but that it could make recommendations to 
someone in "the Authority" (BPCPA) to write such a letter. 

The next meeting of the Cemetery, Interment & Funeral Services 
Advisory Group will be held July 6th at an undisclosed 
location. These meetings are not open to the public. For
the first time ever, cryonics is on the agenda. 

I hope that the focus of their discussion will be to assure that
BC funeral directors are informed through their newsletter
that they can participate in cryonics cases with impunity.
However, I did raise the issue of changing the law. He 
suggested that if there was sufficient interest, at some
future time the Advisory Group might consider inviting some
cryonics authorities and scientists to attend their meeting
to present evidence about why the law should be repealed.
I am not in a position to volunteer the time or participation
of pro-cryonics scientists or "authorities", except me, and
it would take planning for me to arrange such a thing even
for myself. 

For now I think the focus should be on requesting that the members
of the BPCPA Cemetery, Interment & Funeral Services Advisory 
Group direct that an authoritative letter be sent to Funeral Directors 
of British Columbia through the Funeral Services Association of BC
newsletter assuring them of their legal immunity for participation
in a cryonics case. If the cryonics community is seen to be
harassing the members of the Advisory Group, our efforts would
be counter-productive. But on the other hand, only the recent 
letter-writing has led to the Advisory Group even considering 
the question of cryonics at one of their meetings. 

Below is a PDF webpage which lists all of the members of the 
Advisory Group.  I have listed the members below the 
PDF link and have given at least some contact information
for each of the members. 

Letters from citizens of British Columbia which contain information 
identifying where they live in BC are especially helpful, but I 
think that all letters would be of value to get members of the 
Advisory Group to think that cryonics is a serious matter deserving
some serious attention. We do want that attention to be positive 
and constructive, so letter-writers should keep that in mind. Again,
it would be best if the letters continue to flow at least up to
the date of the July 6th meeting, so that it will be on their
minds when they meet rather than be something which they have
not heard about or thought about for the last month. A really
diligent person might write each of the Advisory Group Members
on a weekly basis until July.

                                   -- Ben Best

Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority (BPCPA) 
of British COlumbia Cemetery, Interment & Funeral Services 
Advisory Group:


(1) Kay Johnson, Director, Griefworks BC

4500 Oak St. Rm E405
Vancouver, BC 
Canada V6H 3N1
BC Toll free number 1-877-234-3322

(2) Jason W. Everden, General Manager, Everden Rust Funeral Services 
                                       & Cematorium

(3) Janet E. Ricciutti, Executive Director, Funeral Services 
                                            Association of BC
Suite 211
2187 Oak Bay Ave.
Victoria, BC.
Canada V8R 1G1

Telephone: (250) 592-3213
Toll Free (in Canada): (800) 665-3899
Fax: (250) 592-4362
E-mail:  [info(at)bcfunerals.com]

(4) Lawrence G. Little, Owner, Personal Alternatives Funeral
                               Services Limited


(5) John M. Chasca, President of BC Independent Family Funeral
                                 Home Association
                    and Owner of McPherson's Funeral Home

McPherson Funeral Services, John M. Chasca
2200 - 2nd Street South, Cranbrook, BC, V1C 1E1
Telephone : 250-426-3132
Email : 

(6) Stephen C. Olson, Secretary Treasurer, Cemetery &  Cremation
                               Association of BC


Cemetery and Crematorium Association of British Columbia
211 - 2187 Oak Bay Avenue
Victoria, BC V8R 1G1

Phone: 1-800-665-3899

(7) Ellen Leslie, Executive Director, Memorial Society of British Columbia

#212 -- 1847 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Canada V6J 1Y6

Tel (604) 733-7705
FAX (604) 733-7730
Toll Free (Canada) 1-888-816-5902

(8) Tom R. Aquiline, Deputy Director, Industry Relations, BPCPA

Telephone: (604) 296-2855
E-mail:  [tom.aquiline(at)bcpcpa.ca]

(Not a Member, but sometimes attending) Tayt Winnitoy, BPCPA Director of 

P. O. Box 9244
Victoria, British Columbia
Canada V8W 9J2

Telephone: (604) 320-1667 (9 for directory then 8298 for TAYT)
Fax: (250) 920-7181
Toll Free (in Canada): (888) 564-9963
E-mail:   [tayt.winnitoy(at)bpcpa.ca]

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