X-Message-Number: 27987
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 02:25:12 -0500
Subject: Re: Singularity & other threadz

Well, I have a pretty good list of statements from various forum 
participants, and I intend to respond to many of them soon.  Thanks to 
those, such as Joseph Morgan, who actually see a probable threat from the 
emergence of such an entity.

Meanwhile, if anyone else would care to present something beyond a 
feely-good "it can't do any harm" sentiment, such as valid reasons why they 
think the Singularity would not evolve rapidly to the point of seeing human 
existence as irrelevant, plus having the unstoppable power to take care of 
what It would view as the problem, I welcome more posts, before I lay into 
the ones already presented.

Part of my reluctance is also to try not to detract from other important 
threads here, such as whether Kriorus is a valid cryonics organization (how 
many months of unperfused freezerburn are there before it is no longer 
cryonics?), whether Lenin should be reanimated, and Ben's relentless 
campaign against the BC powers that be.

Stay tuned.

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