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From: "Jordan Sparks" <>
Subject: RE: Singularity
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 06:52:03 -0700

OK, here's the meat of it.  Anyone who's a computer programmer should
appreciate that we are a long long way from computers doing anything
remotely intelligent.  To have a computer that could self evolve is even
further away.  You're talking about removing it from the vast manufacturing
industry that is currently involved in improving the computer chip.  Look at
how many people it currently takes to make an improvement to a computer
chip.  Until the dependencies on others are vastly reduced, we are simply
too far away from the singularity to predict anything about it.  I am of the
opinion that the dependencies on others will not be eliminated until we have
complete and mature nanotechnology, in something like 120 years or more.
Until then, groups of people and machines working together could always make
improvements faster than any individual.  So the world tyrant scenario is
just silly.  Please remember that we are at a very low level of technology
right now.

Jordan Sparks

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Meanwhile, if anyone else would care to present something beyond a 
feely-good "it can't do any harm" sentiment, such as valid reasons why they 
think the Singularity would not evolve rapidly to the point of seeing human 
existence as irrelevant, plus having the unstoppable power to take care of 
what It would view as the problem, I welcome more posts, before I lay into 
the ones already presented.

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