X-Message-Number: 27995
From: "Omnedon" <>
Subject: Infinite Judgement Day
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 13:44:59 -0500

If an effectively potentially infinite lifespan is achieved, then redemption
and rehabilitation for anyone, including a Stalin, is possible.  This opens
a new door as to what is appropriate to do with criminals.  Also, infinite
punishment becomes available.  But what finite offense warrants infinite
punishment?  Perhaps only murder, if that (debatable of course).  What is
more important in the end, rehabilitation, or retaliation?

Of course, if someone is to be put to death as a punishment, it may be more
conservative to put him or her in stasis; in the case judgment was in error.
But then, perhaps this is a slippery slope leading to more 'capital'
punishment.  I can imagine a future coming about when the majority of people
in stasis are criminals.

(This is what happens when I'm caffeine deficient.  Forgive me.)

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