X-Message-Number: 2802
Date: 05 Jun 94 00:39:39 EDT
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: CRYONICS.SCI Poll Interpretation


>From Michael Riskin (only posted to CRYONET):

>    I will be pleased to contribute to a poll.  However, I
>still cannot answer the questions as posed because one of the most
>critical pieces of hypothetical information is missing...namely...*the
>physical condition of the patient at the moment of pronouncement*. Even
>with the most timely application of the most current techology, the
>"revival" probability, in my opinion, will differ greatly from patient to
>patient dependent on individual patient differences.

     With any poll questions ever asked, as with any communications among
humans, there will be ambiguities and misinterpretations.  Since I did NOT
state any thing about the condition of the patient and I DID continually
use the phrase "best possible", I think that it is reasonably clear that my
intention was to deal with those "best possible" situations where there has
not been disease induced deterioration of the mind/identity/consciousness
before legal death is declared. ie. The mind/identity/consciousness was
fully intact just before legal death occurred.  I believe that the vast
majority of responders will interpret my poll questions in just this way.

Also from Michael Riskin:

>                                                     The only way it would
>appear that patient condition would not matter is if we assume a
>breakthrough in repair theory and technology beyond our current
>comprehension. In that case, all probabilities become 100%.

     Again, Michael may have misinterpreted the hypothetical situation
described in the poll.  The phrasing "as far forward in time as necessary
to gain the maximum benefit from whatever technologies will possibly be
available in the future" means precisely that the poll responder should
assume that whatever repair capability the unlimited future can possibly
bring is available for the restoration.

     If this further elaboration of the meaning the poll situation causes
anyone to reconsider a poll reply previously sent, or if for any other
reason you wish to update your poll reply, just send another reply stating
that it is an update.
     Anyone who wants should feel free to transmit poll replies from others
interested in cryonics who may not be reachable through email.

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