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Date:  Sun, 05 Jun 94 22:15:13 
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Subject:  CRYONICS Anniversary, Festival

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From: Mike Perry ()
June 5, 1994

Today is the 30th anniversary of the publication of *The Prospect 
of Immortality* by Robert Ettinger, that largely started the 
cryonics movement. It has often been tough going, but we are 
still here and growing. Robert and Mae Ettinger plan to attend 
the Venturist Festival next weekend, at Don Laughlin's ranch 
near Kingman, Arizona. Participants will be able to meet the 
Ettingers (and Mr. Laughlin) in person. Hope you can attend. 
For information contact me via e-mail or at 602-922-9013, or 
contact Dave Pizer at 602-331-0733.

Long life,
Mike Perry

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