X-Message-Number: 281
From: Kevin Q. Brown
Subject: LifeQuest Reanimated 
Date: 21 Feb 1991

I have good news for everyone who misses receiving issues of LifeQuest, the
cryonicist and immortalist fiction publication created by Fred and Linda
Chamberlain.  Although the Chamberlains recently had to drop publication of
LifeQuest to enable them to devote their time to other activities,
Jim Stevenson is reanimating LifeQuest and is soliciting submissions for
publication.  Submissions can be via DOS ASCII files or email.  To encourage
submissions he is offering a penny a word (up to 3000 words) and also is
encouraging authors to submit their stories to wider audiences.  (Thus, you
do not need to worry about him copyrighting your story in such a way that you
cannot publish elsewhere, too.  The point is to spread the cryonics and
immortalist memes, not to restrict publication opportunities for pro-
cryonicist and immortalist authors.)
Jim also plans to start a BBS with the LifeQuest publications on-line.
You can reach him at:
	Jim Stevenson
        3191 Mackall Way
        Palo Alto, CA 94306
Prepublication copies of the story "NEWTIME" by Reyna Flint are available
for review (only).  Please let Jim or me know if you would like to receive a
copy of it.  (The file size is about 37K bytes.)
Note: Jim will be off-line for a week.  That is why I am sending this message
rather than him.
                                       - Kevin Q. Brown

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