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Date:  Tue, 07 Jun 94 22:03:32 
From: Steve Bridge <STEVE%>
Subject:  CRYONICS Correction to sloppy writing

(Via unlicensed copy of UGATE)
To CryoNet
>From Steve Bridge, Alcor
June 7, 1994

     Ouch, ouch, ouch.  That old e-mail disease has got me.  Sloppy 
writing and hasty sending on my post on Suspension Teams led to some big 
misunderstandings.  And I scold other people about doing this.... Eeesh!

     In my post I said:

>     If Charles wishes to play these kinds of games, however; I will be 
>perfectly willing to point out at the first CryoCare suspension that at 
>least two individuals who are key members of Biopreservation's suspension 
>team (which will do the transport and suspensions for CryoCare) are in 
>fact *Alcor members.*

     Several people have mis-interpreted this completely and assumed I 
meant that there had been a CryoCare suspension recently.  By "at the 
first CryoCare" suspension I meant simply, "When CryoCare has its first 
suspension..."  That's why I said "I *will* be willing to point out."

     Even then I should not be predicting which people Biopreservation 
might use on any particular suspension.  I should just have made the point 
that a lot of individuals from the various groups are learning to work 
together for the good of suspension members and that we as organization 
leaders should learn to emulate that cooperation instead of arguing over 
which organization's members helped the most.

     Even better, since the disagreement in question was between Charles 
Platt (of CryoCare) and myself (of Alcor), there was in fact no need for 
me to drag in Biopreservation (which has nothing to do with this situation 
at all) and CryoSpan (a storage company which has no "members" and with 
whom Alcor has had little contact and no disagreements at all.)

     And so my message, intended to show that we shouldn't act so 
competitive over which people on transport teams are members of which 
organizations, instead was interpreted to be MORE competitive.     

     E-mail -- you can't live with it and you can't live without it.  But 
some days I'd sure like to try.

Steve Bridge

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