X-Message-Number: 2814
Date: 08 Jun 94 17:01:33 EDT
From: Mike Darwin <>
Subject: CRYONICS  pressure drops

I have read Keith's response and would again reiterte that I know of no
such pressure drops and have never observed them.  As I am cut off from
the patient data I cannot defend this conclusion.

I did not mean to imply that the pressure drop was the result of something
done wrong.  Just that it represents a compromise  to the arterial leg of
the circuit in my opinion.  By "serious" I meant "breach" and should have
used such a word in lieu of what at least two others have interpreted as a
loaded word.

Actually, continuing developing edema IS invariably indicative of some
intracranial flow.  My animal work has convinced me that modest initial
edema followed by no further edema is a very bad sign.  In fact, using
both dye and X-Ray opaque material on animals I have found it generally is
indicative of NO FLOW, even to the brainstem.  Of course, if you have
edema and you see dye on the cortical surface then you can be assured you
are getting some flow.

I agree that the amount of money that can be spent on diagnostics is
essentially infinite (or at least VERY large).  Everyone will have to
decide for his/herself how much such modalities are worth.  There is
nothing wrong with that.  In no way was my commentary to be interpreted as
critical of the choices Alcor has or will make in this arena.

Again, I emphasize that your valve shrinkage theory is unsupported by any
patient case data I have access to or based on my own memory of cases I've
done.  And keep in mind I am perfusing large animals (dogs) up to 7M
glycerol and I have NEVER observed such a pressure drop.

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