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Subject: CRYONICS Bauge & Nederland, CO Update

Here is the latest update from Trygve Bauge. The "Freeze Tax Waste Committee"
will be petitioning for signatures in an effort to (1) temporarily suspend
the ban on cryonics in Nederland, CO and (2) hopefully overturn the ban
permanently in a referendum.
                                             - KQB
PS: He also mentions a potential "local sanctuary ordinance" designed to
    "beat the INS".  I don't understand how that works.
> From att!ifi.uio.no!trygveb Thu Jun  9 16:36:48 1994
> From: Trygve Bauge <>
> Date: Thu, 9 Jun 1994 22:23:28 +0200
> Subject: CRYONICS, Nederland CO referendum

The freeze tax waste committee in Nederland.
That is the local citizen group favoring cryonics,
has just filed its petition to overturn the town trustees' ban on cryonics.
here is the latest:

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>Subject: Petition filed !

Joe just turned in the petition to be approved by the town clerk. Once it's
approved, then they'll start collecting signatures. He said the clerk sounded
like he would approve it. I'd think so, it's a copy of the last petition
with the committee and addresses changed. :-) The time he turned it in was
probably around 5:00 Tues. June 7.

        - rob -


Trygve is adding:

We have to collect about 40 signatures to get a refferendum,
and the emergency ban on cryonics will then be suspended pending the outcome
of the refferendum.

The local newspaper did an extensive poll that shows that 68 % of the local
population favours cryonics, 30 % is opposed and 2 % doesn't know a from b.

Assistance from other cryonisists is welcomed,

after all it would set a bad presedence to let any town hall anywhere
get away with banning cryonics.

If you want to write letters to the local newspapers
the Daily Camera can be reached at: 
the Colorado Daily can be reached at: 
the Rocky Mountain News can be reached at: 

If you want to contribute to our legal war chest:
the account is 106-64-85-27-5
Bank One
P.O.B. 59
Boulder Co 80302
The account executive is Shirley Frost at 303-442-6770

I myself can be reached as:
   (my address here in Oslo)
or    (my address in Boulder CO)
or   (my address in Nederland CO)

I check into the above three locations every 2 days or so.

The support group in Nederland can be reached at: 

Walter Goedecke is in charge of maintaining the dry ice.
he can be reached at: 

Even our attorney is getting his own e-mail address!

My plan is to beat the town trustees by the use of a refferendum
and posibly an initiative,
beat the INS by promoting a local sanctuary ordinance,
return to Boulder in due time to organize next years New Year's day dip
and then continue developing our house and life extension center:
upgrading to an electrical freezer and a liquid nitrogen dewar,
so to get my grandfather stored cold enough to halt any further deterioration.

Stay tuned!


Ps. The press is still following the story every week here in Norway,
with generally positive and supportive articles, radio and tv reports.

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