X-Message-Number: 2818
Date: 09 Jun 94 18:03:00 EDT
From: Brenda Peters <>
Subject: CRYONICS:a cryo summer

Dear CryoNet readers:

I am spending the summer at my house on Thetis Island in British Columbia, 
CANADA. Anyone wishing to contact me directly in any way other than Email 
should keep this notice.

Brenda Peters or CryoCare
Box 99
Thetis Island
British Columbia

My phone number is (604) 246-3600.

I'll be working harder than ever on cryonics and CryoCare. There are no (and I
mean NO) distractions here.

And what do you know, the moment I write that, I have to stop and watch a 
beautiful light brown doe eat lunch about 20 feet away from my window. She's 
having my yard for lunch. And now she's flicking her white tipped tail at me. 
The same to you, missy. 

So let's just say that except for the occasional lunch (mine) at the marina, 
and some wildlife watching, there are no distractions. Just endless lush green
ferns and trees, blue water, and a gentle breeze. I'm reminded of why I want 
to stick around for a very long time. Hope you're all experiencing smooth 

And be sure to hoist your sails for Ontario, CA, first week in November. We're
going to have a very cool conference. Cryonics and Life Extension. I can 
hardly wait!

Best, Brenda Peters

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