X-Message-Number: 28201
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 09:14:35 -0600
From: "Anthony ." <>
Subject: Re: human DNA screening

> From: human screener <>
> Subject: Re: Times (UK) article---> DNA blacklist

>Anthony has agreed with me that seeing the London
> lab's DNA blacklist would be an interesting next
> step.

Actually, I'd already suggested that


"What is your suggested solution to this threat? Could it be that the
pass/fail criteria should be under constant review and accessible to
anyone interested? Could it be that ultimately it would be parent/s
who'd decide if they'd keep an embryo?"

It is also important to note that the list itself is a seperate idea
to the technology - by that I mean the actual screening is a neutral
tool, and it is the list that reflects whatever ideology the screener
believes in, or agrees to use, as criteria to guide the screening.

BTW "humanscreener", please respond to the other points I raised,
otherwise we can assume you have conceeded them (& you'll hopefully
then re-evaluate your anti-choice position).


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