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Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 06:54:03 -0700 (PDT)
From: human screener <>

Subject: TMT: Times (UK) article-- paradox, zygote screen-- DNA 
blacklist--rating system

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	Anthony has asked me to answer each of his points
[12][15] but I'm not up to it. It's good enough for my
original purpose that he has raised interesting
questions-- some of which are the kinds of questions
that my pointing to the paradox in the first place
were intended to raise. Thanks Anthony.[18] 
	Since we both agree that it would be more interesting
to see the DNA blacklist, it's more important to
follow up on that rather than try to resolve the
problems Anthony points to at this time. I'll report
back here when I hear from the lab. You can bookmark
my Cryonet archive page and check for that update
anytime in the future if you're not reading Cryonet
all the time.[17]
	Thanks for the positive rating, Jordan.[16]. It looks
like you've triggered another round of discussion
about the rating system. Human screener might face
screening, himself, soon and join the blacklisted
zygotes. Yikes! I appear to inadvertently be
participating in posting activity that may result in
my own demise! What a paradox! 


[12] Anthony raises questions to think about.
[15] Anthony, more on DNA blacklist.  
[16] Jordan Sparks on rating system.
[17] Human screener's Cryonet messages
[18] Anthony's Cryonet messages

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