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Subject: Anthony Article re: Canada in 2020

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Subject: 2020 revised

Hi - after  receiving feedback I've edited my entry to 2020 (a contest
in which  Canadians are invited to imagine Canada in 2020). Most
entries are  concerned with global warming, water, poverty.

My entry is  here:


and is  called:

"2020: a new life-saving technology in Canada"

It also  has a poll:

Do you think cryonics could ever work?
Yes, with the  right medical advances
No, medical science will only be able to go so  far

Only one vote, no score, no replies, 47 views (mostly mine  probably).
The higher the score, the more replies and views, the more my  entry
will be exposed. I'm not interested in winning, but in  including
cryonics in this debate about the future.

Spare a minute  to take part in the poll and score my post if you don't
have time to read  it and send feedback - that way we gain cryonics a
little more attention.  Thanks.


Hello, Cryoneters all..
I read Anthony's article and thought it rather well done.
It is perhaps known that I certainly don't agree with Anthony on  

everything...but I thought this was a good short article raising the awareness  
Good work, Anthony.

Rudi Richard Hoffman CFP  CLU

Board Member Financial Planning Association fpafla.org
Board  Member Salvation Army salvationarmy.org
Member Alcor Life Extension  Foundation alcor.org
Certified Financial Planner(TM) CFP Board of Standards  
Member Libertarian Party libertarianparty.org
Member National Rifle  Association nra.org
Member World Transhumanist Association  http://transhumanism.org/
World's Leading Cryonics Insurance Provider  rudihoffman.com

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