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Subject: ThT: TimesUK article-->Cryonics for Frozen Embryos

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	Yesterday's news about Bush's veto of extra fed funds
for embryonic stem cell research [25] illustrates and
strengthens the point I made yesterday.
	My basic point was that the cryonics community is
positioned to solve a problem. The problem is that
there is huge emotional resistance to  discarding 
frozen human embryos after 5 years and to performing
research on stem cells obtained from human embryos. As
a result, there are a half million frozen embryos in
cryostasis. As of yesterday, they will definitely stay
that way-- until destroyed or adopted-- within 5
	If a cryonics organization stepped in and basically
said to parents and IVF labs where the common 5 year
limit on storage is being approached  We will maintain
your frozen souls for as long as it takes to find
adoptive parents , cryonics would gain instant
mega-publicity around the world. The president might
even visit that cryonics company to congratulate and
thank them.
	With attention drawn to cryonics, a parallel would be
drawn between the embryonic souls and the
cryonics-patients' souls. The parallel will be denied
by many secular cryonicists, however there would be
enough support for that parallel which would lead to
cryonics gaining federal  legal protection for the
potential life of cryonics patients as  potential
persons  in the same legislation that protects frozen
	The missing link in this scenario is the US federal
position on the 5 year limit. I'll look into that over
the next few days. 
[25] Report on Bush's veto of ban on embryo stem cell
research, July 29, 2006

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