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Subject: Alcor Conference going to be a winner! (Rant on why you should be 

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Subject:  Alcor Conference Rates Increase August 1st
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Alcor Conference Rates Increase August 1st

The 6th Alcor  Conference: An Inside Look at the Science and Medicine of

REGISTER NOW: http://www.alcor.org/conferences/2006/index.html  

Held at the Scottsdale Marriott in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Alcor  Life
Extension Foundation's 6th Conference from October 6-8, 2006, will  explore
anti-aging research, life extension, nanomedicine and  nanotechnology, whole
body cryopreservation, cryonic revival and more.  

Don't miss this opportunity to hear the most up-to-date information  about
the cryonics experiment being conducted at the Alcor Foundation, as  well as
possibilities of other life-extending sciences. It also offers a  rare
opportunity to meet many members and supporters of Alcor and visit the  Alcor

Early rate of $295 available until Tuesday,  August 1st!

Fill out your registration form  now:

Jennifer  Chapman
Marketing Director
877-462-5267 x 113 or  480-905-1906 

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This is Rudi...
I sent my registration in yesterday for this conference.  
It has been my privilege to attend the previous five Alcor conferences, and  
each one has been tremendous.  I also spoke at several, and may be on panel  
at this one...but I will be there.
The purpose of this email is to encourage you to get to this conference if  
you possibly can.  
Yes, I am actually asking you, the conscienceness behind the entity  

magically reading these lines on a monitor.  You, the person who  thinks, "I 
can't do 
it because... (my wife wouldn't understand, my anniversary  is that weekend, I 
can't afford it, I don't like conferences, I don't like  people, I am signed 
with CI not ALCOR, I am not signed up yet, I have been  signed up for cryonics 
for thirty years and I know everything there is to know,  cryonics is only 
for "Transhumanists nutjobs", place your excuse here.)
As I look back on my relationship with cryonics, extropianism, nanotech,  
transhumanism, philosophy, politics, and general "way of being." there is a  
pattern which emerges.  
While books, tapes, downloads to MP3 players can be powerful  

self-development tools, there is something about FACE TO FACE meetings in old  
"meatspace"  that remains irreplaceable. 
Having a beer with some of the most original thinkers on the planet, some  of 
the people at the forefront of some of the most revolutionary ideas of our  
time, is just a magical and uplifting experience.
Some of the relationships and friendships I have developed at conferences  
have lasted decades.  The expansion of my thinking that some presenters  have 
enabled has dramatically improved my life and business.  More  importantly to 
you, it will improve yours.
In short, there is a psychological, emotional, social bonding that occurs  at 
"events" that all of us as human beings need.  (OK...so there may be  some 

EXTREME libertarian types who claim they don't need this...but my guess is  they
don't have much influence with many people.)
That's why business leaders, political leaders, religious leaders, cult  
leaders, military leaders, science leaders...leaders of all stripes build the  
powerful structures they do, building from "EVENT to EVENT."

Some of you long term readers of cryonet may recall how I  "overpromoted" the 
Immortality Institute Conference in Atlanta.  
I told you it was going to be "better than sex!" "Better than  recreational 
drugs!" and maybe even "Better than sex while ON recreational  drugs!"  
The point being that conference WAS fantastic. I did not steer you  wrong.  
The relationships and progress toward Artificial General Intelligence,  
Reversible Biostasis, and Healthspan Extension...Human/cyborg interface,  
robotics...nutritional science...ideas that MATTER to the world and to you  
individually... are still reverberating in the "memosphere."
(Boy, my spell check choked on that last paragraph!)
Anyway, I believe the next ALCOR conference will be an enabler for the next  
generation of these ideas.  And the next generation of leaders for these  
Your mind will be stretched, your ability to talk to people intelligently  on 
ideas that may save your life and theirs will be dramatically enhanced.   

Some of us...er...you hard core libertarian types may even learn to stop being
such extremist buttholes and learn to get along with real humans.
You will learn and grow and eat great food and stay up too late partying  
with the amazingly fun community of cryonicists.  
You will develop relationships that can last a lifetime.  And perhaps  even 
develop relationships and learn things that will save YOUR life.  
Having just returned from a tremendous training class put on by the Alcor  

Readiness Team, I can tell you honestly, "These people do things right!"   (More
on the training later, my man Flav will call me on it if I don't do a  better 
Given the attendence fee, airline tickets, hotel room costs, being away  from 
your business, etc., no one is saying the costs or inconvenience of coming  
to the Phoenix ALCOR conference is non-trivial.  
I am just putting my credibility on the line to tell you that it WILL be  
well worth it.
So, pony up those magic plastic cards, get on the ALCOR website, and let's  
make this the BEST conference in the remarkable history of this exciting and  
life saving science!  
I look forward to seeing many of you there.  

Respectfully  Submitted,


Rudi Richard Hoffman CFP  CLU ChFC

Board Member Financial Planning Association fpafla.org
Board  Member Salvation Army salvationarmy.org
Member Alcor Life Extension  Foundation alcor.org
Certified Financial Planner(TM) CFP Board of Standards  
Member Libertarian Party libertarianparty.org
Member National Rifle  Association nra.org
Member World Transhumanist Association  http://transhumanism.org/
World's Leading Cryonics Insurance Provider  rudihoffman.com

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