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Subject: Re: CryoNet #28264 - #28265
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 14:29:57 +1000

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> This is Rudi...
> I sent my registration in yesterday for this conference.
> It has been my privilege to attend the previous five Alcor conferences, 
> and
> each one has been tremendous.  I also spoke at several, and may be on 
> panel
> at this one...but I will be there.
> The purpose of this email is to encourage you to get to this conference if
> you possibly can.
> Yes, I am actually asking you, the conscienceness behind the entity
> magically reading these lines on a monitor.  You, the person who  thinks, 
> "I can't do
> it because... (my wife wouldn't understand, my anniversary  is that 
> weekend, I
> can't afford it, I don't like conferences, I don't like  people, I am 
> signed
> with CI not ALCOR, I am not signed up yet, I have been  signed up for 
> cryonics
> for thirty years and I know everything there is to know,  cryonics is only
> for "Transhumanists nutjobs", place your excuse here.)

How about 'I live in Australia'?

Note: This is my second attempt to post this reply. On the first occasion I 
got an error message which said that the number of quoted lines must not 
exceed 2.5 times the number of unquoted lines. I do snip replies and I have 
never encountered such a rule before but, rising to the challenge, I see 
that there are 18 quoted lines in this email, so for this email to get 
queued it must contain at least 18/2.5 = 36/5 = 7.2 unquoted lines. Since of 
course a number of lines must be a whole number, it follows that it must 
contain at least 8 lines, which I see it now does. (I *think* I got that 

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