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Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 20:16:35 -0700
From: Olaf Henny <>
Subject: Regeneration of CNS cells
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Dr. Med. Ana Martin Villalba, a Spanish scientist working in Germany has done 
some interesting work on ischemia-induced apoptosis of CNS cells.


See (aside from her brief resume in German the texts are in English):






The work, which caught my attention at a science special on Deutsche Welle 
today, appears to have not yet made it to the net.


In it they showed a mouse in full health swimming across an aquarium-type glass 
container.  Later, with the spinal chord of the same animal severed, it was 
shown trying unsuccessfully to move its hind legs, while crossing the container.
After treatment the same mouse swam across the container again with some help 
of the hind legs, although the movements were not close to as vigorous as during
the first swim.  The manganese-enhanced MRI technique described in the second 
URL above was also used in this experiment and showed, what appeared to be a 
completely healed spinal chord


If they indicated the time of convalescence during the broadcast, I did not 
catch it.  The recovery was based again on Dr. Martin-Villalba's work on 
prevention of apoptosis in CNS cells.  The indication in the report appeared to 
be, that the negation of apoptosis alone set the stage the achieved degree of 
regeneration of the spinal nerve cells.


Well,- the news report was not exactly up to the standard of a scientific paper.

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