X-Message-Number: 2831
Date: 22 Jun 94 00:02:12 EDT
From: Mike Darwin <>
Subject: CRYONICS: E-Mail Debacle

To All Interested Parties:

I recently had a friend install the Windows version of Compu-Serve Information
Manager.  This charming program promptly proceeded to DESTROY my address book
and further to make or less permanently unavailable all of my previous E-mail
(the mail can be acccessed but not in any reasonable or useful fashion). 

My point here is that I may very well NOT any longer have your E-mail address.
People who's E-mail address I definitely no longer have are as follows:

Mark Fulweiler
Gina Carter
Alan Sinclair
Garret Smyth
Mike Price

If any of wish you me to have your address please send it to me and I will add
it to my adress book.

Many Thanks

Mike Darwin

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