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Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 20:17:15 EDT

Subject: [Cryonics_Institute] Re: First Hamster, Pet Preservation a plus (pet 

This is Rudi Hoffman writing from Daytona, FL.
I have followed the "Hamster" thread with interest.
From a marketing standpoint, I can tell you with a high degree of certainty  
that the suspension of pets is currently a huge net positive for cryonics.   

This is based on REAL WORLD, statistically significant "deep background" on the
 demographics of cryonics folks. Real human beings who write  serious checks 
and pay serious membership dues. 
Logically or not, rationally or not, we humans tend to love our pets.   And 
there are many...relative to the small overall numbers in cryonics it is  fair 
to say a "disproportionate" number... of cryonicists... who are especially  

fond of their pets.  And have them instead of children, as do my wife Dawn  and
myself.  (Also, BTW, a disproportionate number of individuals who are  

childfree, have alternate sexual orientation, and who are male computer/software
I have worked on obtaining the life insurance for several people who signed  
up for cryonics PRECISELY because this was necessary to suspend their pet.   
These are highly motivated folks.  Should we stand in judgement, and say,  
"Jeepers...your OWN brain pattern is the most important issue here...your cat  

should be secondary?" No, I think like other choices this should be a choice for
individuals to decide.  (Yes, I know the pets don't get much of a say,  
please don't sick any weirdo PETA folks on me.)
Yes, Ron Havelock, this is not a "zero risk" strategy for possible negative  
PR for cryonics.  There are probably NO "zero risk" strategies in life, and  
certainly not in cryonics or cryonics public relations. 
And your points, Mr. Havelock,  are not without merit.  In a  world where 

perhaps half the population lives annually on less than it took to  preserve 
hamster, there ARE issues people of intelligence and goodwill can  
respectfully disagree on. 
 (Not dissimilar to the issues related to a call I took yesterday, a  client 
who is 96 and in terrible health just had a quadruple bypass, on  government 

expense. (!).  Jesus on a stick, does it make sense to  spend 35 or 40 thousand
dollars to give this woman a few more weeks  of existence in her assisted 
living facility?! )
I would like to put my vote in...here it is: A big "Say YES to  pets!"   In 

fact, I would hope that costs could come DOWN for pets,  especially small ones,
to enable, incent, and encourage people preserving their  pets.  WE CAN'T 

On a personal note, Dawn and I just last week adopted  (yes, my mom would be 
offended by that word...a good reason to use it.) not one,  not two, but THREE 
of the cutest Peek-a-poo puppies in the known universe.  

Their names are Macgonigal (Mack), Hermione, and Harry Potter.   You may 
recognize these as names from the Harry Potter books and movies.  I  will be 

uploading pics of them to my website at rudihoffman.com over time, and  will 
annoyingly encourage people to view them.
I trust the CI and ALCOR management and staff to generally do the right  
thing regarding this matter (and most others.)   

Three cheers  for the pets, petlovers, and cryopreserved pets!  


Rudi Richard Hoffman CFP  CLU ChFC

Board Member Financial Planning Association fpafla.org
Board  Member Salvation Army salvationarmy.org
Member Alcor Life Extension  Foundation alcor.org
Certified Financial Planner(TM) CFP Board of Standards  
Member Libertarian Party libertarianparty.org
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Member World Transhumanist Association  http://transhumanism.org/
World's Leading Cryonics Insurance Provider  rudihoffman.com

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