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Subject: The NEW Alcor News
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 12:08:19 -0700

The NEW Alcor News


Alcor News was started as a way to bring more timely information about Alcor
to our members and the public. Now, we've decided to take it one step
further and join the blog bandwagon. 


Starting with the August issue of Alcor News, the monthly newsletter will
primarily inform readers of topics discussed on the blog, which will be
updated frequently throughout the month to provide the most current
information. You can view the blog at any time by visiting:


Alcor's blog is a news blog, not a conversation group.  Our readers are
encouraged to send email to , with any questions or
comments. We will also publish "letters to the editor" from time to time.
To start things off, we are presenting a Guest Editorial from former Alcor
President Steve Bridge. Steve discusses the relationship between cryonics
and conventional medicine and offers some theories about why cryonics has
not "caught on". 


We hope you enjoy the changes.


Jennifer Chapman

Marketing Director


(877)-462-5267 x 113 or 480-905-1906


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