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Date: Fri, 18 Aug 2006 20:26:10 -0600
From: Patrice Levin <>
Subject: Re: CryoNet #28319 - #28324
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Like Anthony, I'm also in the west -- Edmonton. 

It would be most helpful if we could somehow coordinate a training session for 
those of us on the other side of Canada. While we do not have (to the best of my
knowledge) access to the great standby equipment the Toronto group has, surely 
there must be protocols that we and our families could and should be trained in?

I've started to keep ice bags in my freezer, and instructed my family on the 
importance of an ice bath until the standby team arrives. In my purse, and by my
bed, I have the religious objection to autopsy form from the Alcor site. I've 
ordered the EZ-shampoo basin listed on Ben Best's website and will add this to 
my "cryonic protocol list" posted on our bulletin board. But thinking back to 
even simple CPR training... a piece of paper with instructions is not a great 
substitute for hands-on training.

If there is sufficient interest from those of us out west, would it not make 
sense to try and arrange a weekend retreat? Perhaps with compensation for travel
someone from Alcor or CI would be willing to lead this type of event?

I would appreciate knowing if training for members in western Canada has been 
arranged in the past, and also what arrangements/protocols others have made.


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