X-Message-Number: 28346
From: "Jordan Sparks" <>
Subject: Mechanical CPS
Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 15:14:48 -0700

I have been considering how to best use the pneumatic piston.  I think that
instead of using the push stroke, I will utilize the pull stroke.  Standard
cylinders come with ports for both push and pull.  I will lay the cylinder
down horizontally across the chest, and hook the ends to a wide strap that
goes under the patient.  Cinch the strap down, and it's ready to go.  Each
pull stroke will squeeze the entire chest.  This solves the problem of the
cylinder sticking up vertically and trying to keep it from slipping off.
One problem will be that the curvature of the chest will cause the middle
portion of the cylinder to push tightly against the chest and will also put
a lot of strain on the ends.  Not a great mechanical situation.  So I might
put the cylinder on a flat board with a roller on the end to guide the strap
into the perfect mechanically correct position.  Two cylinders of smaller
diameter working in parallel might be better than one. 

Jordan Sparks

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