X-Message-Number: 2835
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 94 20:30:12 EDT
Subject: CRYONICS no visible cracks

Drs. Pichugin and Zhegunov  in the Ukraine have made their full report, with
light microscope photos, of the sheep heads perfused according to Cryonics
Institute methods and then washed out (without freezing). In general, there
was relatively little damage, except to the pituitary. The full report will
appear in THE IMMORTALIST August issue (published in July), along with some
of the photos. A full set of photos is available for those interested and

They have also made a brief preliminary report on heads frozen in liquid
nitrogen and rewarmed. The microscopic studies have not yet been done, but
they confirm our observation of  no cracking on the naked eye level, and
suggest that our very slow cooling and warming might prevent visible cracking
even without cryoprotectant. Naturally, the microscopic studies will be of
greater interest.

Robert Ettinger

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