X-Message-Number: 28351
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 06:43:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: Lee Galleegal <>
Subject: Pseudonymns-- The use of pseudonymns is a personal safety measure.

My name, Lee Gulleegal, is a pseudonymn. It appears
that in this forum, Cold Filter, there are those who
continually attempt to expose the true identity of the
pseudonymns that others use. I've been doing a bit
research on the legal issues involved-- and it turns
out that the judgements vary-- but TRENDS develop. The
TREND in this area of pseudonyms is that there is a
recognition of the balanace having to be struck
between the ADVANTAGES of anonymity in terms of
personal ability to speak freely-- protecting a real
person's real business and personal identity-- on one
hand AND on the other hand-- the DISADVANTAGE of a
situation that allows libel/slander. Judges in the
MOST widely hailed cases seem to be saying that--
BEFORE an anonymous publisher on the interent can be
id'd, the CASE of slander/libel has to be proven
FIRST. This is interesting because judges ARE aware
the pseudonymns have to be protected. More....http://easyurl.net/pseudonymns

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