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Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 23:41:39 -0700
Subject: Thomas Donaldson & New Australian Cryonics Organization

As with many things in cryonics, we find out about them in the media first, 
rather than via upfront disclosures by those who know.

Seems I recall a while back some puzzlement regarding whether Thomas 
Donaldson is cryopreserved at Alcor, still in "animated" status, or 
what.  Apparently he checked the wrong box on his application, because 
Alcor has been mum about it.  The below article gives some information.

It also talks about a new Australian cryonics service provider started by 
Philip Rhoades.



First cryogenic centre

Mark Dunn

August 26, 2006 12:00am

Exclusive AUSTRALIA'S first cryogenic centre will be built by a scientist 
who wants to deep-freeze his parents and himself after they die.
Biologist Philip Rhoades has won approval from health authorities to build 
the complex -- believed to be only the third in the world.
He has already spent $650,000 developing plans for underground storage at 
Cowra, 200km west of Sydney, and hopes to start building on the 60ha site 
within six months.
The Cowra plan comes after a seventh Australian underwent the cryogenic 
process in the US.

Canberra maths academic Thomas Donaldson flew to the US in January 
suffering a rare brain tumour.

After Mr Donaldson died, his body was frozen at Alcor Life Extension in Arizona.

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