X-Message-Number: 2841
Date: 30 Jun 94 00:53:16 EDT
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: CRYONICS My Plans


     Sorry, to take up Cryonet space with this personal note, but everybody
keeps referring to me as having moved back to Canada and I need to set the
record state.  Yes, I have been in Toronto since June 14th, and I will be
here until July 18th.  And yes, I have moved some things back to Toronto
and have rented an apartment.  But after July 18th, I will be returning to
Rancho Cucamonga for 4-5 weeks.  In general, this pattern of 4-5 weeks at a
time in Toronto and SoCal and also time spent at cryonics activities in
other places (hopefully, Maryland in the fall) will probably persist for
the next year at least.  While I am in Toronto, I am in phone and email
contact with Rancho Cucamonga almost everyday and am carrying on much of
the business of the joint enterprises there, remotely.  I have not
abandoned any of my cryonics obligations in SoCal and do not intend to do
so unless and until someone else comes along who can take over for me.  I
am ready to fly back for any real emergencies at a moments notice.
     With respect to CryoSpan, I am still committed to making it the safest
and most cost efficient long-term care provider in the cryonics business. 
I will shortly have an announcement about our new plans.

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